So how did Kooler come to be? It all began with a man known as “The Kooler”.

Kooler was opened in May of 2015.

The Kooler

‘The Kooler’ was an exceptionally mediocre hockey player within the Gentlemen’s Beer League in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

And we mean ‘exceptionally’ mediocre 

The name was derived at the time of jersey purchasing and the honor of ‘The Kooler’ is due to Chad Zummach – aka The Commish.

When Matt saw the opportunity of starting a painting company – his search for company names did not go much farther than his back and Kooler was born.

Kooler came out of transition for Matt. From his non-profit, drug prevention experiences, he saw Kooler’s opportunity when painting a spec home for Andy Sovick. During this time he heard his old landlord of the ‘Ski Fence’ House was really frustrated not having a contractor call her back as she was desperately looking to have her home painted.

Matt thought to himself – “I can call her back.”

One proposal later – he had his first exterior painting project online for May of 2015. This project was full of lead-based paints and asbestos shingles. He took himself to the EPA Certified Lead-Based Paint class to certify himself and his firm and with the down payment from this job bought a sprayer and filed his LLC documents with the Secretary of State.

Today, Kooler employs over a dozen people and provides quality kitchen cabinet painting, garage door sales, services & customization, and exterior house staining services.

How Kool is that?

Matt’s background is in education and non-profit work before he started Kooler. His background in trades goes deep into his highschool and prior years with stints of professional trades work with Gunnison Garage Doors in the mid 2000’s and various construction crews through his college years.

Growing up his parents were folks who bought older homes in Chicago and then Michigan. He observed and helped renovate older victorian style homes. And when he then worked off-seasons at Watervale Resort (another awesome place in Michigan) he put his renovation experience to the test again and again.

Matt loves the artwork of providing services that will last and impact someone’s lives for years. And his passion for youth still exists strong which is why in 2019 Kooler will begin partaking in 1% for Mentoring.

Together – we can make a huge difference in lives of our youth – and thus – in our future communities.

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