1. Why Customize Your Garage Door?

    Next time you drive through your neighborhood, do us a favor and take some mental notes on what makes certain houses stand out from the others. It could be unique landscaping, a distinct color scheme, or wacky statues decorating the front lawn. Now, think about what makes them all similar. More ofte…Read More

  2. Transform Your Garage

    Your garage doesn’t just have to be a location to store your junk and park your car. Instead, it can be your favorite room of the house. Everyone has their own unique personality, hobbies, and lifestyles, and the garage should reflect that individuality. Whether you’re a green thumb or a craftsm…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Customizing Your Garage

    Far too often the garage just becomes a glorified parking spot and a location to hoard items that you’re unable to fit inside of your home. With little thought going into the possible storage benefits, as well as the chance for full personalization, the garage lives a lowly life as the most underu…Read More

  4. Welcome to Kooler Painting & Garages

    Welcome to Kooler Painting & Garages! We’re your one-stop shop in the Gunnison area for giving your home the make-over it needs to be unique, beautiful, and also organized. From our professional interior and exterior house painting services, to our garage customization, you may not know how mu…Read More