Have a specialty project that no one else can do?

Is your home or commercial business holding old lead-based paints?

We are super selective in our finishing projects to best serve the right fits for us which delivers a premium service to our clients.

We look for unique projects that focus our energies in doing what we do best – delivering artwork at every job.

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Our service are focused in these areas:

  • Exterior Stains – We specialize in log buildings and stained woods — shoring up integrity and applying the longest lasting stain finish we can find. We’ve learned a ton on these types of buildings and it’s a specialized niche that behooves owners to seek out knowledgeable professionals.
  • Lead-Base Painted Buildings – As one of the only painting contractors in the area certified and trained with an EPA certification, we can move through projects on older buildings in ways that care for the residents and community while we invariable remove some lead-based paints. It’s a specialized process of containment that no one wants to mess with as errors in this process can cause harm to people – especially children.
  • Interior Painting and Repaints We are not the painter for everyone. While we take on some interior painting work it is far a few between. We enjoy repainting entire homes, working with a very few builders to finish their new contsrution projects and home owners looking to polish their homes upon moving in or preparing for a sale.

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We have go-to products with long warranty’s and our focus is on quality delivery while providing our clients with a comfortable experience. We are selective and have limited capacity to take on projects. And we do offer consultation to help you select the best contractor for your project. Contact us to learn more.