Garage Door Sales, Installation, & Repairs

Garage Doors are the mainstay entry to most homes. And they are huge moving walls that require maintenance to ensure safety and reliability for your family and friends. Koolers door technicians are highly trained and skilled to service most every garage door out there. Our service rates are extremely competitive and our guarantees are unmatched.

We Offer

  • Raynor Garage Sales
  • Customized Doors
  • Installations
  • Maintenance

Full Garage Door Customization

Kooler provides full custom overlays for your garage door entries. We can overlay multiple wood species, barn-wood, steel, and about anything you can think of to add a unique expression to your home or business.

Custom Overlays from Kooler includes quality craftsmanship. We use stainless steel finish nails, and Exterior Decking Construction Adhesive to ensure a design is unique to your home and is secure for the long-term. Custom weather seal is created using appropriate materials and commercial grade rubber stripping. Windows, when added, are thermal pane glass with breather tubes. And we can match any design supplied.

Place your unique design over a tightly sealed R18 door and you have a work of art that is incredibly functional and beautiful.

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