At Kooler Painting & Garages, we specialize in transforming your house into a personalized home through our years of experience and our unparalleled quality of service. Along with our garage and house painting services, we are also home staining specialists for residents in the Gunnison and Chaffee Counties.

While staining may seem simple, it is actually an intricate process that requires high-quality materials, and an experienced team that knows exactly what they’re doing. You may think that staining the exterior of your home is an unnecessary step to take, but it’s actually extremely important to the preservation and overall appeal of your property. This is especially true in our dry climate since Gunnison Basin is known to be one of the driest in the state.

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Here are just a few of the benefits that our stain work services provide for your house:

  • Protect Your Home From Rot – While wood gives your home a beautiful, rustic look, it is also very vulnerable to rot. This not only affects the appearance but the integrity of your home as well. When wood becomes rotten, it needs to be replaced, there’s no way around it. Luckily, wood stain is able to offer protection from all kinds of rot to ensure that the wood remains safe.  
  • Waterproof – Water and wood don’t go together too well, but no matter, your wood siding and decks will be certainly be exposed to outside elements. The wood stain is able to waterproof these areas so that you can rest assured that the unavoidable water will not damage your property.
  • Block the SunlightOver time, your home is going to have a significant amount of sun exposure and in order to prevent discoloration, wood staining is the most efficient option.
  • AestheticsAlong with the protection that it provides to your home, wood staining also gives you the ability to choose specific coloring that will certainly make your neighbors jealous. These colors will still give the aesthetic appeal of wood while offering a distinct tint for customization.
  • DecksWhile wood is a great surface for your decks, over time it can wear down due to the foot traffic. Paint will offer some protection but will start to peel and crack over time. Applying wood stain will help protect your outside walkways, while also keeping the grain visible. You chose wood for a reason, so keep the natural beauty of it while also preserving its integrity.

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Our go-to products for our wood staining services are Superdeck and Arborcoat because we have found them to be the highest-quality and most dependable. When you’re looking for exterior staining services, be sure to contact Kooler Painting and Garages to hire a local company for exceptional local results. We are stain specialists with a deep understanding of our products and the application process. We also provide exterior and interior house painting, so what better time than now to really take your home’s appeal to the next level! Yearly consultations are available for us to help plan maintenance and disperse costs to make your experience with us unbeatable. Call us today!