Matt’s background for decades was focused on youth services. He studied outdoor education while attending Western State College here in Gunnison and after earning his degree he worked for years in the outdoor field.

The experience brought him to various places around the country. Hawaii, Alaska, and Southern California were the highlights. Working with youth inspired Matt to become more and he loves getting people’s eyes to shine.

With Kooler – there is a massive mission which is about helping people express who they are. And what a great way to anchor this mission with contributions to our local Mentoring organization — Gunnison Valley Mentors.

Matt worked with Tina and her team at Mentors too. And he’s seen first hand how powerful mentoring can be in the live’s of youth. This organization certainly does change lives.

“In my own life, mentors are a major reason for my striving to be a better man. ‘Hell on Earth to meet the man I could have been. I’d rather meet that man, look him in the eye, and say I know you, because I am you.’ This quote is from one of many mentors I look up to and learn from — Keith Cunningham. Mentoring has huge implications and we are psyched to contribute to our local organization.” MK


Mentors pairs up youth and adults and supports the relationship with professional case managers and regular events to get people engaged and active.  There is tons of research pointing to the positive affects of mentoring relationships. Gunnison Valley Mentors is building our community stronger each and every day.


At Kooler – you’ll notice on our invoices an opportunity to voluntarily donate a 1% charge to Mentors. And for every dollar donated, Kooler will match this. Dollar for dollar. How much can we contribute together? Can we make it $20,000 in one year? $30,000? Or more?

Our contributions together will have huge implications. And we are so excited for the possibilities in front of us.