Specialty Painting in Gunnison CO

For some of our clients we’ve recently notified them of changes to Kooler’s focus that drops our painting capacity significantly. And we are not able to complete certain projects this season.

Truth is – we’re focusing in on Garage Doors as a primary focus and Emily Raffaelli who’s been managing our painting as of late has gone to start the Gunnison Painting Company. Our capacity as a painting company is not what it once was.

Going forth, we will be attending to very specialty paint & stain projects. We no longer will be ‘just another’ painting company and our specialties will include:

  • Very unique projects that are truly different from the everyday project
  • Lead-Based Paint Projects — as one of the very few EPA Certified firms in the area we know how to safely navigate older homes and buildings that test positive for Lead-Based Paints. We can test, document, and execute on these projects in a manner that cares for your health and the health of the community.

We will not take on many projects and those that we do take on will be very certain fits for our clients and Kooler. It’s a change that ultimately allows our clients to see Kooler’s promises delivered.

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