It’s your space – let’s make it custom!

Freshly painted cabinets can refresh your kitchen space and bring about the change you’ve desired without the overly expensive (and intrusive) replacement costs. If you like your cabinet layout and desire that feeling of a newly remodeled kitchen — let’s talk about how cabinet painting can bring your vision into life.

Cabinet Painting Process:

  • We start with a site visit to clearly understand your outcomes and desires. Together we create your vision.
  • Once we clearly understand your vision – we will develop a proposal for your consideration only after we’ve determined Kooler to be a fit for you.
  • Upon accepting of our proposal we will then schedule a couple of meetings.
  • First is to meet with our Color Consultant and Decorator – in this initial meeting we’ll confirm you color choices.
  • Second is to meet with our Production Manager for reviewing your projects, confirming actual color choices, and scheduling your project.
  • Once we begin, we’ll keep you updated with regular communications as we move through your project efficiently.
  • Once every year, for an hour, we’ll schedule a time to touch up our work. A member of our team will be onsite to visit with you and touch up as applicable.

Schedule a Site Visit